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Forwarded message below, which may be of interest to a few clubs.



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Dear Sir

I am writing on behalf of the Rowing Voice Magazine to let you know
that the University College clubs have been featured in this month’s
issue with mentions in the in the WHORR, HORR and bumps articles.  FaT
got a particularly nice quote for their HORR result.

The Rowing Voice is an independent publication started in 2007 by
Chris Dodd and Rachel Quarrell – both well known rowing
correspondents.   It delivers world rowing news with a particular
focus on the UK.

Controversy is no stranger to those familiar with rowing in the UK and
RV reports both sides of the story.
In the current issue
•       How the English ARA has steam-rollered WARA, SARA and the
Northern Irish into adopting a new logo and brand name “British
Rowing” – Mike Haggerty provides his commentary.
•       Review of the Livingstone Brothers’ new book
•       The Great8 at HORR, photos and letters
•       And Hammer-Smith the gossip columnist with a hilarious
collection of errors, omissions and old fashioned mix-ups

Subscriptions cost £20 per year or £3 for a single issue.

Would you kindly circulate this to the college Captains for their information?

Thank you for your time.

Rebecca Caroe
Rowperfect UK

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