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Thu Oct 23 00:26:26 BST 2008

Dear Captains,

The draw and timetable for University Fours has now been published online -
please see http://www.cucbc.org/regatta/1 for details of each event.
(Thanks are due to Will for producing such a comprehensive online system.)
I am pleased to see a decent number of entries in each event, and look
forward to a good week's racing.  Please note that the timetable will not be
changed unless absolutely necessary, and then only with the agreement of
both clubs and myself.  The river will be closed below Chesterton for racing
from 1.40pm until the end of racing (approximately 4pm) every day.

Please note the following points for those who have competed in the past:

   - The timetable has been arranged so that crews will compete on at most
   three days.
   - Men's finals will all take place on *Thursday*, in part to give crews
   going to Head of the River Fours a free day.
   - Finals will take place *on the same day* as semi-finals for all coxed
   events (men's on Thursday, women's on Friday).
   - The times for finals are only approximate; they will follow semi-finals
   whenever both crews are ready.

If you have any queries, please contact me as soon as possible.
Substitution requests should be sent to me in the first instance; you should
already be aware that substitutions during the racing week are strongly
discouraged except in emergencies.

See you on the river!

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