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Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Thu Oct 23 16:34:05 BST 2008

I know it's easiest to get 10 people in the same place at the same time on a
weekday morning.  I also know that this week is bad because lighting down is
so late so seniors and novices conflict (which will be better next week).
But *please* try to make sure any novices out in the morning are vaguely
competent.  A few very slow crews will hold the whole river up, and just
achieves very little for the crews concerned.  There were at least two crews
out this morning that were unable to move at a sensible pace, and a few more
with comments on the marshal sheets.  If your novices are still on their
first or second outing, send them to Jesus Lock in the mornings (or
preferably use the afternoons/weekend).  *Don't* obstruct everyone else by
drifting downstream.  Rule 23 (obstructing the river) will be enforced when


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