[CUCBC Captains] Robinson Head 2008 - DEADLINE REMINDER

Rob Cook rc346 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Jan 26 14:03:57 GMT 2008

Dear All,

You voted for a change in the 'Yellow Flag' rule at the last Captains'
meeting and asked Pete and me to formulate the new rule.  We've done this
and so, with immediate effect, Rule 13b and 13c in the 2007-8 Handbook
should be replaced with the following:

13b  That only University crews with the specific permission of one of their
senior coaches may row when both the Red and Yellow Flags are flown at
Goldie Boathouse.

13c  That only University crews, first boats and boats in the first two
divisions of the May Bumps (Men) or first boats and boats in the first
division of the May Bumps (Women), first fours, or tub pairs be allowed on
the water when a Yellow Flag is flown at Goldie  Boathouse.   In the case of
tub pairs, Rule 17 applies and, in addition, the person steering must be
competent and experienced.  Under Yellow Flag conditions, members of crews
permitted to boat under these regulations may do so in small boats, provided
that they have the express permission of their Club Captain and/or Boatman
and subject to the conditions outlined in Rule 18.

This will be posted on the website later today.

We also discussed keeping traffic moving in the mornings this term.  The
'roving CUCBC Marshal' is now out and about each day, but reports indicate
that a number of coaches. coxes and crews seem to be unaware that:

1.  When a crew stops for a coaching chat (which should be avoided other
than in the Reach or Lock, it  must pull right into the bank, with blades
in, so as not to impede other crews.

2.  When spinning, crews should do so as quickly as possible, avoiding
spinning on the corners at Ditton and Little Bridge.  Once a crew has spun,
it should immediately either row on or row into the bank and park as above.

Much of the congestion on the river is caused by crews sitting off the bank
whilst their coach talks them through what has been or is about to be done,
or either spinning inconsiderately or 'blocking' the spinning point by not
moving on.

Please make sure that your coxes, crews and coaches are fully aware of these
points as fines (and pretty hefty ones) will be imposed on any crew
disregarding them.

Please also take not of Tom's e-mail about spinning well away from the lock
itself in Baits Bite whilst the stream is as strong as it has been recently.


Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST
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