[CUCBC Captains] Sardines

Laura Sutcliffe cubc at cucbc.org
Sat Jan 19 19:07:13 GMT 2008

> Hello all again. I have had a few emails back that have said they  
> can't open the attachment for the race entry from for Newnham Short  
> Course. I have attached it here as pdf instead of a word document  
> so hopefully everyone should be able to open it. It will also  
> appear on the NCBC website on the regatta page shortly.

Just as a reminder, the race is on Saturday 2nd February in the  
afternoon. More about division times nearer the time. The more  
entries the better so get applying! The deadline is 26th January.

Thanks again!

Shanae Boyns

Shanae Boyns
Newnham College
JCR Freshers' President

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