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Captains - please forward to your clubs!

Hi all,

It's a swiftly diminishing six weeks to Lent Bumps (Tue 26 Feb - Sat 1 Mar)
and as ever, it relies on your help and presence in order for it to run
smoothly!  It would be great if as many of you folk out there as possible
volunteer to be Junior & Senior Umpires (JUs & SUs).  If you're a
first-timer, this mostly involves wearing a shiny yellow bib, cycling up and
down the tow path following the divisions and keeping an eye on things to
ensure it stays safe and seamless.

So, if you have rowed or coxed in at least one set of bumps and would be
interested in umpiring, please send me an e-mail with your name and college,
availability and say whether or not you've umpired before. Obviously the
more slots you can do the better, but I'm aware that many people are busy
around Lents, so even if you can only manage a couple of divisions then
*please* do!  A large number of the umpires also row/cox themselves and work
the umpiring around it.  Lents is a great opportunity to learn for those who
may want to SU in future and haven't umpired before to get some experience -
and it's also good fun.  No, really.  As well as getting a lovely free meal
and drink at the end of it all, you will also reduce the number of marshall
slots your college will have to provide.  Winner.

The division times are given at:


Ideally you'll want to be reporting to the control desk by the Penny Ferry
30 minutes before your divisions start so you can collect equipment from the
umpires of the previous division, ask questions, cycle down to the start,
ponce around etc, so factor this in when deciding for which divisions you
will be available.  We'll have a short meeting for all umpires just before
the Lents so everyone knows in advance and in detail what they will be

Looking forward to the plethora of replies...

Dave White
CUCBC Coxing Rep
coxing at cucbc.org
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