[CUCBC Captains] Notes and Fines - Thursday

Dave White coxing at cucbc.org
Thu Feb 28 18:27:11 GMT 2008

Dear all,

A few things to bear in mind:

1) We will marshal as normal i.e. M4 straight to the lock, W3 and M3 marshal
on the Reach above the Railings, W1 and M1 marshal at Chesterton.

2) *Please* do not drop litter on the towpath!  Take it home with you or
find a bin...it really doesn't look good for the University as a whole and
it's not a nice environment in which to row.

3) It should be remembered that the towpath is a public right of way, not a
path made by us for our rowing convenience.  If someone wants to cycle down
the wrong way against the flow of bankparties, then they are at liberty to
do so.  Admittedly we do advise them not to  and to wait for the division,
and indeed many of the townsfolk have lived here for many years and will
take an alternative route to avoid the issue altogether.  Regardless of
this, it is absolutely unacceptable to abuse someone verbally (and
physically...) for doing something they are perfectly entitled to do.
Instead, perhaps you could politely apologise - whether you are right or
wrong...just be a big man/woman and smooth it over - then explain the times
of the divisions and that it might be best to take an alternative route or
time.  If they insist on taking it further, then just cycle off and don't
get involved any further.

Fortunately the wind has died down, the sun is shining (ish) and it will
hopefully be a seamless day!


Dave White
CUCBC Coxing Rep
coxing at cucbc.org
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