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Dear all

please be aware of the attached


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Subject: Dangerous dog on towpath near A14 road bridge

Would rowing coaches in particular note that there
was an incident on Tuesday afternoon near the A14 road bridge when a cyclist was
bitten in the thigh and pulled off her bicycle by a dark-coloured
greyhound-type dog. The dog had been let off its leash by the owner (male,
wearing a dark top and green wellies) in the vicinity of the bridge; he seemed
to be aware of its potential for attacking people since he shouted “he’ll
have you” at a runner who was on the towpath at the same time. The dog chose
to make a bee-line for the cyclist instead.
This incident was reported to the Police (incident
no. 0336/2 Dec). If the same dog is seen in the area, please could you contact
Cambs Police at their non-emergency number (0845 456 456 4) to report the
Thank you for your attention and assistance.
Pip Noon
River Manager
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