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Wed Mar 3 21:28:53 GMT 2021

Dear Everyone,

You may have noticed that British Rowing is conducting a diversity and
inclusion survey as a part of the work on their Committed to Inclusion plan
and the updated national strategy. We all are part of the sport too, and BR
now wants to know what we think!

We have all been frustrated this year by our powerlessness to organise
rowing for our club members. We hope you agree with us that this survey is
a great way to launch rowing back, and to shape its future in the UK. Hence
we really encourage you to spread the word. Share the survey with your
rowers and coxes, seniors and novices, alumni and alumnae, and actively
encourage them to take part.

The survey has 7 sections and takes about 15 minutes to complete and ends
on 18 March - you can find more information here:


CN: Section 4 of the survey contains a question asking about negative
experience within the sport with regard to discrimination, bias or lack of
inclusion in rowing environment.

We hope you are all doing well and staying active, and wish you all the
best for the last 2 weeks of the term!


PCBC Committee 2020-21
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