[CUCBC Captains] Virtual Lents Alternatives

Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Tue Feb 23 17:52:43 GMT 2021

Dear all,
A reminder to encourage your members to put themselves forwards to organise
a virtual lent bumps/end of term event. We have three volunteers.
Three volunteers is not enough, we need at least 10 volunteers to have
enough people to brainstorm, develop and action a virtual Lents
alternative. All I ask is that if you or anyone you know is keen and would
have an end of term virtual event, please put your name forwards ASAP.

With regards to the recent developments in Coronavirus restrictions, we are
monitoring BR and government advice and shall email once we have
information to share.

Kind regards,

On Mon, 15 Feb 2021, 10:56 Limeng Zhu, <limeng at cucbc.org> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I hope your clubs have been able to remain in good spirits during lockdown.
> An update on the virtual event. Unfortunately we have had very few
> responses of interest from individuals wanting to undertake this. If this
> is the case by the end of week five (24th February) we may unfortunately
> have to abandon this idea due to lack of manpower.
> Though CUCBC can, and will, support this organising committee in
> developing a virtual alternative Lents, we do not have the capacity to
> organise this ourselves. (In previous situations where changes have
> occurred, we have set up working committees with the collegiate rowing
> community at the time, to share workload and develop the best approach for
> all).
> Please do encourage the more proactive members of your clubs to put
> themselves forwards, either directly or via yourselves, so that we can all
> come together after an undoubtedly difficult term.
> The usual incentives in gaining CV points for developing and leading a
> University-scale sporting competition may be persuading factor for some on
> the fence, and I would be happy to draft letters affirming this for
> individual's portfolios.
> Again, the captain's mailing list is there for you to share virtual events
> and ideas- I've heard positive stuff about the Pembroke circuit swaps!
> There is no best approach in the present novel situation, as such it is
> important we are supportive to sharing ideas and be proactive for the
> mental and physical health of our rowing community.
> Any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to email in to myself (
> limeng at cucbc.org) or the committee (committee at cucbc.org). I am also
> contactable on Facebook or teams (lz394 at cam.ac.uk) for more informal
> questions.
> All best,
> Lee
> Limeng Zhu,
> CUCBC Hon. Sec.
> limeng at cucbc.org
> On Thu, 4 Feb 2021 at 23:08, Conor Burgess <conor at cucbc.org> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> At the Captains meeting, there was a consensus to organise a virtual
>> alternative to the Lents, with the exact format to be confirmed. We’re now
>> looking for people who are keen to organise and deliver this virtual event,
>> perhaps in a similar spirit to the virtual May Bumps, but perhaps
>> completely different if that would better suit the current state of
>> affairs. You will have the support of the Executive Committee in organising
>> this, and will present the event to the Captains’ meeting at the end of
>> week four for them to vote on the proposed format.
>> If you, or anyone from your committees or clubs would be interested in
>> getting involved, please ask them to email committee at cucbc.org to
>> express their interest.
>> Please also remember that the Captains list is there for you to use it.
>> At the meeting there were several offers of virtual shared events, which
>> could potentially be shared via the Captains list. Alternatively, you can
>> send your email to Limeng (CUCBC Honorary Secretary) who will disseminate
>> lockdown events on your behalf (limeng at cucbc.org). If you send an email
>> to the list and it is still awaiting moderation the next day, please drop
>> me an email.
>> Best wishes,
>> Conor
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