[CUCBC Coxes] Notes and Fines from Wednesday

Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Thu Jun 24 00:20:28 BST 2021

Dear all,
Thanks for another great day of racing, with some very close calls!
Today's notes and fines are appended below, which will be published on the
website once we have sorted the draws and results.

Apologies for the delay in the draws and results: we had to wait for a few
queries to come back and some appeals are ongoing; we aim to get these out
as soon as possible once we get a complete set and I shall email you once
this is the case. Division timings will remain the same tomorrow. This draw
and results will be subject to ongoing appeals and tie-breaker races, so
please listen carefully to marshals and umpires instructions on tomorrow
for last-minute changes.

All best,

*Notes from the Umpires:*

   - Crews must not spin beside moored boats on Plough Reach. Either spin
   upstream of the Plough or downstream of First Post corner following
   marshalling instructions
   - Please do not be late to marshalling. We will brief marshals at the
   time stated on the marshalling rota so you need to come to the finish a few
   minutes beforehand.
   - A crew has had their day's result disqualified due to clashing with
   their opponent. Racing boats must stay on their stations; any crew being
   repeatedly warned by their umpire and not responding will be disqualified.
   - Away from the racing course, all crews must follow normal navigation
   rules, unless specifically instructed by an umpire or marshal.
   - Tomorrow is the final day of racing so we may require tie-breaker
   races in some divisions. Please listen carefully to any additional
   instructions given on the day, and bear with us as we react to race results
   to facilitate these races.

*Fines (subject to appeal):*

   - Caius NM1 - Dangerous coxing: failure to stay on station causing blade
   clash - £50
   - Caius NM1 - Ignoring Umpire's instructions - £30
   - Caius M2 - Foul language - £40
   - Caius M2 - Excessive bank party - £30
   - Darwin NW1 - Obstruction of umpire by bank party - £15
   - Emmanuel M1 - Repeatedly ignoring umpire's instructions, leading to
   blade clash and impeding opponent - Disqualification from today's racing.
   - Emmanuel W2 and Queens' W2 - Excessively close racing margin at the
   finish - please send suggestions for photo-finish systems to CUCBC.
   - Fitzwilliam NM1- Excessive bank party - £30
   - Fitzwilliam NM1 - Excessive bank party (second offence) - £45
   - Fitzwilliam NM1 - Excessive bank party (third offence) - £60
   - LMBC M1 and Caius M1 - Actually following respective stations in a
   very close race - Commendation for a very good race!
   - Lucy Cavendish NW1 - Racing with an ineligible crew member -
   Disqualification from today’s racing
   - Magdalene M1 - Foul language from Bank Party during racing - £40
   - Magdalene M1 - Foul language at finish - £40
   - Queens' M1 - Illegal practice standing start - £15
   - Trinity Hall M1- Illegal practice standing start - £15
   - Sidney Sussex - Failure to provide a marshal (second offence) - £30

*Fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dr Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer
(seniortreasurer[at]cucbc.org <http://cucbc.org>) within 48 hours.*

Limeng Zhu
CUCBC Honarary Secretary
On Behalf of Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs
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