[CUCBC Coxes] JER Results Day 1 & Draw Day 2

Kate Shipley kate at cucbc.org
Tue Jun 22 00:57:46 BST 2021

It has been great to see so many crews back out on the river, even if it is
an unusual format of race for us at the time of year. I believe for the
first time we have more women's crew's competing than men's crews, so
that's one for the history books!

The results for today's racing can be found here:

Tomorrow's draw can be found here:

*Notes from the Umpires:*

   - A reminder that NO crews are allowed to do stationary practise starts
   at any point on the row up to the start.
   - After marshalling between the Green Dragon bridge and the P&E crews
   should be ready to race and do not need to be pulled in on first post reach
   before heading down to the start.
   - Racing boats must stay on their stations, no matter how far ahead or
   behind the other crew they are. Crews that are not on their stations will
   be warned by umpires. Any crew being repeatedly warned by their umpire and
   not responding will be disqualified. Any crew causing a clash while off
   their station is liable to be immediately disqualified.


   - Caius M1 - Illegal practise start: £15
   - Christ's NW2 - Excessive Bank on the bow - Line the bank with bumpers
   to protect the bank from further damage
   - King's W1  - Ignoring Umpire & Failing to stay on station: £50
   - Lady Margaret M1 - Ignoring Umpire & Failing to stay on station: £50
   - Lady Margaret M1 - Foul and abusive language: £40
   - Magdalene M1 - Illegal practise start: £15
   - Magdalene M1 - Illegal practise start (second offense): £30
   - Pembroke W3 - Foul and abusive language: £40
   - Sidney Sussex M1 - Illegal practise start: £15

Fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dr Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer
(seniortreasurer at cucbc.org) within 48 hours.


Kate Shipley
CUCBC Executive Committee
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