[CUCBC Coxes] JET 2021: Getting-on race results

Matthew Temple matthew at cucbc.org
Sun Jun 20 22:11:01 BST 2021

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience today. Below are the results from the
getting-on race; the draw for tomorrow's races will be released later
tonight. The divisions listed below will race at the same time every day
this week, as shown here <https://www.cucbc.org/eightsregatta>.

Best wishes,

*NW1 division (16)*
Caius NW1
Christ's NW1
Churchill NW1
Clare NW1
Darwin NW1
Downing NW1
Girton NW1
Homerton NW1
Jesus NW1
Lady Margaret NW1
Lucy Cavendish NW1
Newnham NW1
Pembroke NW1/2
Selwyn NW1
Trinity Hall NW1
Wolfson NW1

*NW2 Division (14)*
Christ's NW2
Churchill NW2
Clare NW2
Clare NW3
First and Third NW1
Fitzwilliam NW1
Hughes Hall NW1
King's NW1
Lucy Cavendish NW2
Magdalene NW1
Murray Edwards NW1
Queens' NW1
Selwyn NW2
Sidney Sussex NW1

*NM1 division (16)*
Caius NM1
Churchill NM1
Clare NM1
Darwin NM1
Emmanuel NM1
First and Third NM1
Fitzwilliam NM1
Homerton NM1
Hughes Hall NM1
Jesus NM1
Lady Margaret NM1
Pembroke NM1
Pembroke NM2
Sidney Sussex NM1
Trinity Hall NM1
Wolfson NM1

*NM2 division (9)*
Caius NM2
Christ's NM1
Downing NM1
Girton NM1
Magdalene NM1
Robinson NM1
Selwyn NM1
Selwyn NM2
Trinity Hall NM2

*SW1 division (16)*
Caius W1
Clare W1
Corpus Christi W1
Darwin W1
Downing W1
Downing W2
Emmanuel W1
Lady Margaret W1
Murray Edwards W1
Newnham W1
Pembroke W1
Pembroke W2
Peterhouse W1
Queens' W1
Sidney Sussex W1
Trinity Hall W1

*SW2 division (24)*
Caius W2
Christ's W1
Churchill W1
Clare Hall W1
Clare W2
Emmanuel W2
First and Third W1
Fitzwilliam W1
Fitzwilliam W2
Girton W1
Homerton W1
King's W1
Lady Margaret W2
Magdalene W1
Murray Edwards W2
Newnham W2
Pembroke W3
Peterhouse W2
Queens' W2
Selwyn W1
Selwyn W2
Sidney Sussex W2
Trinity Hall W2
Wolfson W1

*SM1 division (16)*
Caius M1
Caius M2
Christ's M1
Churchill M1
Clare M1
Downing M1
Fitzwilliam M1
Hughes Hall M1
Jesus M1
Lady Margaret M1
Magdalene M1
Pembroke M1
Queens' M1
Sidney Sussex M1
Trinity Hall M1
Wolfson M1

*SM2/SX division (22)*
Addenbrooke's SX
Christ's M2
Churchill M2
Clare Hall M1
Clare M2
Darwin M1
Downing M2
Downing M3
Emmanuel M1
Girton M1
Homerton M1
Jesus SX
Lady Margaret M2
Magdalene M2
Pembroke M2
Pembroke M3
Peterhouse M1
Peterhouse M2
Queens' M2
Selwyn M1
St Edmund's M1
Trinity Hall M2

*Time only (5)*
 First And Third M1 - 3:01
 Kings M1 - 3:10
 King's NM1 - 3:33
 Emmanuel NM2 - 4:07
 Newnham NW2/3 - 5:03

Matthew Temple
CUCBC Exec. Committee
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