[CUCBC Coxes] Hitting stationary boats

Ian Cowley ian at cucbc.org
Fri Jun 15 18:05:18 BST 2018

Dear coxes,

This week had seen far too many incidents involving boats colliding with
stationary ones. In two cases this week the incidents have been severe
enough to warrant us removing coxes from the river. Rudders have been
destroyed, coxes have taken blades and riggers to the back and rowers have
been hit by blades. Today a rower was hospitalised.

This is unacceptable.

As coxes, you should understand best of all that hitting stationary crews
is totally out of the question.  Some collisions have been major, as above,
some minor (blades clashing), but it's easy to see how a few inches
difference can turn a minor clash into a serious injury.

As cox, you are in sole charge and take responsibility for the movements of
your boat. We understand that Bumps is a busy and fast-changing
environment, however collisions with stationary boats will be dealt with as
the serious events they are.

It is necessary for all coxes during races to be aware of what is ahead, on
both sides and not just on the racing line.  You must pay attention not
just to the boat you are chasing.

I hope that we do not have any more examples of racing boats hitting
stationary ones.

Dr Ian Cowley
CUCBC Senior Committee
Bumps Chief Umpire
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