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Dear all,

Please read the message from Ian and Pete (our CUs this week) very
carefully; it contains lots of important information.

Best wishes,

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Dear all

I am sure you are very well aware of the prevailing weather and forecast
for this week. There will be a number of factors over the week that crews
will need to be prepared for. The week will be chronically cold, with
temperatures only just positive, and possibly below zero on some days.
There may also be increasing winds later in the week, which will compound
risks of wind chill. Any situation where individuals are wet will also
compound this risk.

At present there is no indication that conditions will restrict our ability
to run the races as planned. We will be monitoring conditions closely
before and during racing each day, the main factor that might at present
lead to cancellation of racing being ice formation overnight, in which case
a notice will be sent out. Remembering a few practical points will help
things to run smoothly:

- make sure all your crew have appropriate extra warm and dry kit with them
to keep warm while waiting at any point (marshallling, before start,
waiting for any delays after racing, paddling home), and make sure they
wear it when needed (it doesn't achieve anything in a rucksac!)
- bank parties could sensibly carry hot drinks in flasks, as well as
emergency space blankets
- please make sure all crews marshall on time and in the correct positions,
and paddle down to start correctly and safely; any delays to the process
will only expose everyone to the cold for longer
- please inform an official rapidly if it becomes apparent a crew member is
showing any signs of developing problems with the cold (hypothermia)

In conditions such as expected, it is particularly important that crews and
coxes follow all the normal safety and practical rules around bumping, and
pay particular attention to safe and rapid clearing after bumps take place.
This as ever is important to reduce the possibility of major incidents,
both in terms of the potential for injury, and of holding up multiple
following crews. As normal, in such situations, we will only run rerows
when absolutely necessary, and decisions will inevitably have to take the
prevailing conditions into account.

Good luck to all racing!

Pete and Ian (Chief Umpires)
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