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Dear all,

Captains please forward to coxes and steerspersons.

Please be aware that due to excess silt in the locations mentioned in Peter’s email below (basically the inside of the corners), they (and probably some other powered craft) will not necessarily be on the navigation line, nor should you expect them to be able to return to the navigation line to avoid you.

As Peter says, hopefully this won’t last too long!


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> Peter sent a message using the contact form at https://www.cucbc.org/contact.
> Morning everyone
> Just a polite heads up on an issue with river depth
> Over the Winter and especially over Easter, there has been quite a build up
> of silt in key locations.
> This has lead to a necessity to travel a little further away from the bank
> than we would normally.
> Key areas
> Downstream inside edge of the corner as you come under Stourbridge Footbridge
> for 30-40m after the bridge
> Upstream inside edge of the corner opposite Osier holt going into ‘the
> gut’
> Upstream inside edge of the corner opposite Ditton corner as you do the cross
> over from the Plough, almost the full length of the corner 50m
> As a responsible skipper I wanted to make your rowers aware that we are not
> being obstructive, just the river is too shallow. As the season progresses
> and more powered craft ply up and down, this should stir up the silt and
> clear it. Plus any works the CamCon staff will be doing.
> Please cascade this to your rowers, coxes and coaches so that they are aware
> of the line of navigation we will be taking in these, and other locations as
> we find them, now the season kicks off.
> Regards
> Peter
> Skipper
> Camboats
> ‘Rosie’
> Also circulated to CamCon and 'Town' clubs
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