[CUCBC Coxes] Easter Holiday coxing

R.W. Mifsud rwm41 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 15 12:20:28 GMT 2017

Dear Cambridge coxes,

 Would you like to do some coxing over the holidays? Feeling bored with
nothing but work/labs/holidaying in Cambridge? Christ's College Boat
Club is planning to do some oar-some outings, and it looks like we have
enough people to do a morning outing a day (finishes in time for any
9ams). These boats will be filled with people who have been rowing for
at least two terms (so the boats should be reasonable). However, we have
a distinct lack of coxes...

 Therefore if you have been coxing for at least two terms (or possibly
one term - still ask), and are interested in coxing some good rowing
outings, please do email me on rwm41 (@cam.ac.uk).

 Most outings will also have a bank party as well, and there is a wealth
of coxing experience in the bank party and in the boat (there are a
number of coxes who would much rather be rowing), so you will also get
really good feedback about your coxing as well (coxes over the Christmas
break commented on how useful this was)!

 Therefore please email me (rwm41) if at all interested! Thank you!!!


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