[CUCBC Coxes] Cox Briefing - Mays '17

Robert Nimmo robert at cucbc.org
Mon Jun 12 13:17:22 BST 2017

Dear coxes,

I tried to send this out last night, but the e-mail has been held due to
the file attachment being large. Instead, I've placed the slides and the
video files here:


Very best of luck this week. I remain insanely jealous of you all getting
to race this week. Bumps is tremendously fun to cox. All CUCBC ask is a
little bit of thought, to ensure it stays safe and fun for everyone else as

Have a wonderful week,


PS Do get in touch if you have any questions. (Ideally coxing related

PPS I am aware that the cox briefing is a dull safety-filled rant,
punctuated by grumbles and dire warnings. I also remember sitting through 6
or 7 as a student, and enjoying none of them. It is a safety briefing, and
I hope you do understand the need for it to happen, but if you have any
feedback in terms of how to make things clearer, less tedious, or aspects
which you still feel confused about, please do get in touch. I'm very open
to constructive criticism on this. The briefing is only any use if people
manage to stay awake through it all.
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