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Simon Sowerby simon.sowerby.ss at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 21:33:21 GMT 2013

Dear Coxes,

St Catharine's College Boat Club, is delighted to announce it will once
again be hosting Catz Cardinals regatta this year on the 14th of March.
Described as "what Emma Sprints wants to be", Cardinals promises to be the
the most fun college regatta of the year.

Starting at 11:00am Cardinals will be as ever a fancy dress, high-intensity
event, where FIFA sized bribes are mandatory if you want any chance of
victory. The boats are to be mixed crews (possible exceptions made for
particularly commendable attempts at cross-dressing), or in the case of the
tub pairs both genders must be represented in the boat, but not necessarily
in the rowers.

The classes this year will be:
Mixed IVs +
Mixed VIIIs +
Tubs +(++ encouraged)
With additional "best dressed categories"

The finals promise to be as exciting as ever; with the two counterparts
racing down the reach in opposite directions, spinning at their respective
ends, and then rowing full pelt towards each other to the finish line in
the middle of the reach. Further ingenious races may also feature in the
semi finals.

Following the day's gruelling test of sportsmanship at its highest level,
we invite you back to Catz Bar at 9:30pm for prizes and mandatory fire
engines, followed by our very own Catz Cardinals After Party at Life where
all rowers, non rowers, coxes, and anyone attached to CUCBC, and everyone
else are invited. Guestlist at only £2 before midnight! More news on this
to follow!

There will be a photographer on site all day to capture your boats looking
at their best.

We receive entries from many interested boats and know it will be a great
event this year. Please see the SCCBC website, and the event page for more
details( http://www.boatclub.caths.cam.ac.uk/content/cardinals-regatta-2013,
https://www.facebook.com/events/220596234746850/), and address all
questions and entry forms to the Cardinal's Regatta Entries Secretary Scott
Warin(sw629). Attached are the rules, and the entry form for the
competition this year.

We hope to see you soon,

Catz Cardinals Committee
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