[CUCBC Coxes] Respect and behaviour around other river users

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Mon Nov 5 11:58:28 GMT 2012

Please pass this on to all your coaches and ensure they understand the

Over the last week we have received a number of complaints from residents
along the river and users of the towpath:

1) Moored boats
Crews should take every care in pushing off against moored boats. If you do
crash or steer incorrectly please push off against the fenders. These are
the bits of rope/plastic/rubber hanging along the side of the boat and they
are there to stop the side of the boat getting scratched.
You should take every effort to avoid scraping your blades along the
paintwork and hull of a moored vessel, especially below the waterline as
this damage is very difficult and expensive for the owners to repair.
Also moored boats are private property. We have had reports of coaches
jumping onto people's boats to try and reach their crews. This is
completely out of order and if we hear of any more reports of this we will
take the matter very seriously with the clubs and individuals concerned.

2) Coaching on the towpath
The towpath is a public right of way. People use it every day to get
to work etc. Please keep your bicycles clear of the path if you are
coaching and stand to the side if you are stationary. Also keep your boat's
blades off the towpath if you are pulled in to chat.
Please also remember the rules about early morning noise. No coaching from
the bank before 07:30 and definitely no megaphones in the morning!

We need everyone to take some care and respect around other users of the
river. The actions of just a few individuals can cast a bad impression of
the entire community of college rowing.
Above all else if something goes wrong be polite and apologise. Admit you
made a mistake and this will hopefully defuse most situations.

We will be dealing very strictly with any future reported incidents.

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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