[CUCBC Coxes] Spinning Zones

Mat Bryan coxing at cucbc.org
Wed Jan 26 16:39:52 GMT 2011

Dear All,

This is a reminder to all that the spinning zones; located at the P&E,
between the two posts on the long reach, and by the sign at Baitsbite lock,
are akin to yellow boxes at a traffic junction on a road. One may enter to
turn and to pass though, but stopping for extended periods is prohibited.

There have been numerous recent examples of crews spinning and proceeding to
do exercises (whether stationary or slow moving (such at front-stops
tapping)), holding up morning traffic queues in both directions. If such
exercises are necessary to your outing, please row on until you are well
clear of the spinning zone before doing them.

In a time when everyone is eager to get back to training, spending half of
an outing waiting doesn't help anyone.

Please be considerate when spinning, and gently remind your coaches of the
rule if you are asked to perform exercises in a prohibited area,

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