[CUCBC Coxes] Fairbairns Weather

Stuart Scott jcbc-fairbairns at jesus.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 29 16:59:28 GMT 2010

Some clarification on the plans for dealing with adverse weather:

We will:
      * Check the river is safe to row
      * Shorten the course or cancel the race if it is not
      * Offer a 50% refund in the event of cancellation
      * Provide a very limited number of space blankets in emergencies

The captain, coach and cox of each crew must:
      * Ensure that all crews have sufficient warm (& dry) kit for the
        end of the race in the boat. Importantly, it may not be possible
        to access the tow path at the finish this year.
      * Ensure that all crews and coxes are competent enough to cope
        with the adverse conditions - if in doubt do not boat.
      * Ensure that all coxes are able to spin quickly (2-10s time
        penalty for incompetent spinning or failure to use all 8 rowers
        if safe)
      * Ensure that all crews have a bow ball, properly adjusted heel
        restraints and that all coxes have a life jacket.
      * No bank party uses a loud hailer or contains more than 4 people
        (the penalty will be instant disqualification)

Please also circulate this throughout your club and make sure that in
the event people start showing symptoms of hypothermia you inform a

Rowers should also put on their warm kit and remove any wet layers
immediately after racing, regardless of how warm they may feel.

Stuart Scott
JCBC Fairbairns Secretary 2010

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