[CUCBC Coxes] Fairbairns Reminders

Stuart Scott sfs37 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 1 22:00:52 GMT 2010

Sorry for all the emails but there are a few important reminders:
      * It is likely to snow at any point tomorrow, all crews should
        have lights at all times
      * There will be a red flag outside Jesus College Boathouse if it
        is not safe to boat, in the event there is no flag crews should
        still proceed with caution
      * A decision regarding whether or not to go ahead with each
        division will be made at least 15 minutes before the marshalling
        time for each race and posted on the news here:
      * Race numbers may be collected from Jesus College Boathouse after

Also, please pass on the following advice regarding anyone who ends up
in the water:

Bank parties should remember the imperative of getting out of the water
as quickly as possible in the event of a capsize or ejector crab and are
encouraged to carry their own throw lines and space blankets. Additional
throw lines and space blankets will be stationed with the static umpires
at 250m intervals along the course in addition to with the mobile
umpires who also have radio contact with the medical emergency team and
other umpires.


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