[CUCBC Coxes] Red/Yellow Flag

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Wed Dec 1 08:11:55 GMT 2010

The flag is Red/Yellow.

The river is closed, except to tub pairs between Jesus Lock and Chesterton and University crews with the express permission of their Head Coach.

Outlook: The temperature is not forecast to rise above freezing until Saturday, so the ice currently on the river is likely to stay. However, there are currently some short ice-free sections by the boathouses and other areas where the ice is thin enough for the thicker hull of a tub pair not to have a problem. Tub pairs are therefore allowed out, but as always you should use your judgement as to the safety of the conditions in your stretch of river. Note that there are also areas of black ice on the hard and towpaths, so please take care on land also.

The CUCBC Committee

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