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Derek O'Brien cuwbc at cucbc.org
Mon Apr 19 19:18:22 BST 2010

Dear all,

Nominations for the position of *CUWBC Honorary Secretary 2010-2011* are now
open.  See below for information on the position and how to apply.

*To Apply:*
-You must be a member of a women's boat club (this rule is open to
-Write a short manifesto about yourself and why you would be good for the
-Be nominated and seconded by 2 people who are eligible to vote (see below)

*Those eligible to vote* must satisfy at least one of the following:
-All College Women's Boat Club Captains
-Those who have rowed in a women's boat race crew, or named spare, and are
still in residence and in statu pupillari (even if they did not row this

More information about the date of the meeting at which elections will take
place will follow in another e-mail.

*About the position:*
The position has 2 very distinct roles as part of the CUWBC and CUCBC
*CUWBC:* You will be expected to organise and take minutes at 4 meetings
over the course of the year, and possibly to organise a brunch at Leander
Club.  Organising the brunch is quite simple since it's a yearly tradition,
and Leander do most of the work!  Organising a meeting is as simple as
sending an e-mail telling everyone the time and location.
*CUCBC:* Your involvement with CUCBC can be as much as you want it to be
(but not too little!).
You will be expected to assist the CUCBC committees in:
-Running CUCBC races (bumps, small boats, uni IV's)
-Setting the flag
-Rule enforcement (i.e. fines)
-The occasional e-mail to captains/contacts with reminders about noise
levels, etc

Please contact me by e-mail if you are at all interested in the position.  I
can say that it is a very rewarding position, and I have very much enjoyed

Captains, please forward this to your clubs.

A date for the meeting will be announced shortly (as well as a deadline for

Best wishes,
Derek O'Brien
CUWBC Honorary Secretary 2009-2010
CUCBC Honorary Secretary 2009-2010
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