[CUCBC Coxes] Crossing Points - AGAIN!

Ian Thompson seniortreasurer at cucbc.org
Sat Jan 31 14:01:49 GMT 2009

Dear All,

Further to Mark's message and powerpoint presentation he sent out last week,
it is regretable that we have had received reports of further incidents
taking place over the last three days.  In each case it would appear that
crews have either crossed over too early or too late (thus ending up on the
wrong side of the river) or have failed to give way to traffic (including
scullers) travelling upstream.  You really must ensure that this does not
happen, whatever pressure your coach or crew put you under, or however much
they tell you to go one because 'there's loads of room'.

I appreciate how much pressure there is on everyone in this Term to bring
crews on, and how keen we all are to use every bit of clear water we can
without being held up, but these rules MUST be observed.  They are not CUCBC
rules, they are navigational law, enforceable by the Cam Conservtors and,
should there be an accident as a result of a crew failing to observe either
rule, the crew concerned is likely to be prosecuted by the Conservancy and
pursued by insurers.  In such a situation, you, the Cox, would be held
liable as you are in charge of the boat, whatever those around you might be
instructing you to do.  So please, for your own safety and that of your crew
and other river users, make sure once again that you fully understand the
rules as they relate to where to cross over and who us the right of way
(crews 'going home' always do) and that you abide by them.  You should note
that any breach of the rules reported to the Exec and which can be
substantiated will almost certainly result in a training ban being imposed
on that crew, if not the whole Club, and could also result in the crew being
disqualified from Lents.

Observing the rules may at times be inconvenient and may mean that you have
to stand up to your crew and/or coach but, believe me, it is in your own
best interest as the cox, and the best interests of your club, for you to do


Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST

Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST
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