[CUCBC Coxes] Crossing Points and Corners

Mark Stringer coxing at cucbc.org
Tue Jan 27 19:22:36 GMT 2009

Hi Everyone,


We've had some issues with the crossover points this term.  I'd therefore
like to distribute a set of slides which hopefully make it clear how we
expect people to tackle the crossover zones.  Please take the time to look
through the slides and make sure you understand the content.  If you have
any questions at all, please get in touch.


I'd also like to make a quick point regarding life jackets:  There are a lot
of vest-type life jackets around, which are secured with a zip.  In the
winter, when we are wearing loads of clothing (and look like Michelin men.or
at least I do) you might find that you can't physically get these
lifejackets zipped up.  It is NOT ok to just wear the jacket, but leave it
unzipped.  If you can't fit, then you must find another life jacket which
can be fastened securely.  If you don't have a life jacket which can be
secured correctly, then you can't boat.  

It's also worth noting that these "buoyancy aids" have a specific weight
rating and won't keep you afloat if you exceed it - so again, please check
your life jackets are suitable.  If in doubt, talk to your captains.




Mark Stringer

CUCBC Coxing Rep


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