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Mark Stringer coxing at cucbc.org
Thu Jan 15 21:35:33 GMT 2009

Hi Everyone,


Firstly, welcome back and happy new year.


Over the coming weeks, it is undoubtedly going to be busy as people make
preparations for bumps which is only 6 weeks away.


It is therefore really important that everyone keeps to the Golden rules.
If I could also highlight the following which are essential:


Always make sure you have a life jacket and a bow ball on your boat.

We might get days with heavy fog this term.  If you find yourself caught in
heavy fog, DON'T plough through it at high speed and be prepared to stop
with little notice.  

At the corners, make sure you keep on side and at the crossing points, make
sure you cross over at the signs and with purpose, remembering that the boat
moving upstream has right of way.

Lighting down is now before 07:30, so please make sure that your cox box is
turned down low if you are on the water before 07:30, and keep commands to a
minimum and use only what is necessary - by this I mean "bow pair in.. go."
There should be no coaching before 07:30


Please pay particular attention to courtesy and common sense.  Whatever
happens, avoid confrontation if possible, especially with boat owners and
keep your rowers under control.  Please also make sure that if your coach
does want to have a chat with you, make sure you are pulled right in to the
bank (and blades pulled in if necessary) so that there is room for other
crews to get past.



Finally, the Lent bumps will start on the 24th February ( getting on race on
the Friday before).  The pre-bumps safety meeting is therefore planned for
Sunday 22nd Feb.  It is compulsory for all coxes to attend, so please keep
this evening completely free.



Best Regards and happy coxing,


Mark Stringer


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