[CUCBC Coxes] River closures

Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Mon Jan 12 13:24:21 GMT 2009

Dear all,

Confirmation of river closures for the next two weekends:
Saturday 17th - river open all day
Sunday 18th - river closed until 3pm (CRA Winter League - please see note below)
Saturday 24th - river closed until 3.15pm (Winter Head to Head -
please see note below)
Sunday 25th - rowing allowed after noon

For the two race days, if going out immediately after the river
closure you may need to wait before the race finish for all racing
crews to complete the course.  Apologies for the extended closure on
Saturday 24th - there is an extra division in the Head to Head this
year which we didn't know about until recently.

Thanks for your cooperation,

CUCBC Secretary

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