[CUCBC Coxes] two reminders

PETER CONVEY peter.convey at btinternet.com
Sun Oct 26 10:49:25 GMT 2008

Two basic reminders:

1) crossing points in the Plough and Gut. Please remember that upstream crews have right of way at both these points. In other words, if you are approaching either point coming downstream, and there is a crew or any other vessel coming upstream towards it, you must stop and wait for it to cross unless it is absolutely clear that you have time to cross and get completely clear of the crossing point without affecting the other crew/vessel in any way. While this is clearly specified within our rules, it is also a navigational byelaw of the Conservancy. Bear in mind that, if you cause an accident by crossing downstream when you shouldn't, you open yourselves to prosecution under the Conservancy Byelaws and/or nagivation law, either of which would have much more serious consequences than a simple CUCBC fine.

2) safety on a two way river. We've had a number of reports of incidents of crews simply failing to steer and act with proper consideration for others. Travelling in either direction on the river, you should stay within your 'lane' - there should be no reason why whatever you are doing will result in obstructing a crew coming the other way. In plain English, you must stay to your side of the river, unless overtaking. And overtaking should only be done when it can be completed safely without obstructing either any vessel coming the other way, or the crew being overtaken.

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