[CUCBC Coxes] FW: Coxing Clinic 7 November

Mark Stringer coxing at cucbc.org
Mon Oct 20 11:19:46 BST 2008

Hi Everyone, 

Rebecca Dowbiggin is holding a coxing clinic, specific to tideway rowing.
Rebecca and Phelan are obviously very experienced coxes and I think this
will be a worthwhile event for people able to make it.

More details in the email from Rebecca below....

Coxing Representative

Apologies for this unsolicited e-mail, but we hope you will be interested
in an event we are holding soon, and we would like to ask for your input.

On 7th November Rebecca Dowbiggin (Cambridge Blue Boat cox) and Phelan Hill
(GB squad cox) will be presenting two clinics aiming to help coxes add
value from the cox's seat and steer the 4s head the next day.

The first clinic (start time: 6.30pm) will be aimed at coxes who have very
little experience on the Tideway, and topics covered will include Tideway
Basics and Safety; Boating and Maneouvring your Way to the Start; the
Racing Line (including video footage); Overtaking/Being Overtaken
Procedure; and Structuring your Race Calls.

The second clinic (start time: 7.45pm) will be aimed at those who have
raced on the Tideway before, and topics covered will include Tideway
Steering Skills; the Racing Line (including video footage);
Overtaking/Being Overtaken Procedure; Structuring your Race Calls; and
Adding Value from the Cox's Seat.

Both clinics will take place at London RC (on the Putney embankment) and
will cost £7.50 per person. No booking necessary, although if you would
like to help the organisers by confirming that you'd like to attend, or if
you have any questions, please e-mail clinic at coxultancy.com.

A poster for the event (with full details) can be found at

This clinic will hopefully be the first of many events, including steering
clinics before the WeHORR and HORR and general coxing clinics at several
locations around the UK. We are also launching a website
(www.coxultancy.com) which we aim to be a resource for coxes to find the
information and advice they need to improve. We have a lot of exciting
ideas for this, including podcasts, downloads, blogs and articles, so
please keep an eye on the website address! (And check us out on Facebook

Most importantly, Coxultancy aims to be interactive. We would like to hear
from all coxes with any ideas or suggestions for the upcoming clinic or the
website. In particular, please get in touch and tell us:

- what advice/help/information would make a difference to you

- how we can convey information in a way that makes sense to you

- any and all feedback!

We hope to hear from you soon.

Phelan and Rebecca

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