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Mark Stringer coxing at cucbc.org
Sun Oct 19 14:14:57 BST 2008



A reminder that this year there is NO PHYSICAL FLAG being flown from Goldie.
If conditions are dodgy, you should check that the flag is ok for you to go
out.  Today the flag went yellow, but loads of novice crews still boated.  I
appreciate it is difficult to know when a flag change happens if it is
happening virtually, but with winds being what they were at midday, it
should not have been a complete surprise.  If people are still boating after
the flag has changed, they will still be liable for fines.


Especially for novice coxes, you have the final say on whether you go out or
not.  If you think it is going to be crazy, just say you aren't going.





Mark Stringer

Coxing Rep


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