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Thanks, Thomas.

In addition to what Thomas has said, can we also be sure that people using
the towpath to go about their daily business, cyclists, pedestrians etc.,
are treated with courtesy at all times.  The same goes for our dealings with
each other.  Already a couple of grumbles from people complaining about the
way they have been spoken to by coaches of other clubs or from members of
the public about their treatment at the hands of boaties.  Remember on the
latter that anyone us free to complain to the Proctors about the behaviour
of members of the University (and they do!).  The result of anyone doing so
can be a proctorial inquiry, with disciplinary action being taken at
University level, when and if appropriate.  Let's make sure no one has
grounds to do so.


On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 2:37 PM, Thomas Walton <cuwbc at cucbc.org> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am the CUCBC Secretary for the upcoming year.  Please send any
> general queries/requests/complaints/infringement reports/moans to me
> at cucbc at cucbc.org or via the contact form on the website in the first
> instance and I will attempt to deal with them.  Please note that any
> queries about college-run events this term (e.g. eligibility
> requirements) should be directed to the clubs concerned.
> A few reminders about early mornings (although I'm generally happy
> with the three days we've had so far):
> - lights must be used within 15 minutes of lighting down: WHITE on
> both ends and STATIC (not flashing - some crews out today had this
> wrong).
> - absolutely NO coaching from the bank above the Railway Bridge before
> 7.30am; this will be fined if seen.
> - although the noise rules stop at 7.30am, please have consideration
> for local residents after that time.  You're allowed to cox/coach
> normally but that doesn't mean you should shout your head off/turn
> your coxbox up to maximum/anything equally noisy.  Please only make
> the minimum noise required to have a productive outing.  Coxes of
> novice boats - this applies to you too.
> Thomas
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