[CUCBC Contacts] Tuesday results, and Notes & Fines

Catrin Darsley cat at cucbc.org
Tue Mar 7 21:18:48 GMT 2023

Dear all,

The results of Tuesday's racing are available here:

*Notes from the Umpires*

   - Thank you all crews for bearing with us with re-row delays today, and
   for generally behaving sensibly to help everything to run smoothly!
   - Crews should carry on rowing upon being bumped until they are clear of
   the bumping boat. Failure to do so puts your own cox in danger. Coxes
   should ensure they are clear on how and when to conceed the bump (e.g.
   holding a hand up-and-out, opposite to the side the bumping crew is
   approaching on).
   - Please remind bank parties that handheld filming is not allowed. They
   must use a handlebar mount, helmet mount or similar if they would like to
   film the races whilst cycling.
   - Bank parties are strictly limited to four cyclists.
   - Please ensure that bank parties are quick and reactive in pulling
   boats in once they've bumped out - umpires are not here to save your bow
   - If clearing, especially to the inside of a corner, please pull in and
   bury blades for racing crews. Make sure your stern does not drift out into
   the racing line at any point.
   - Thank you to all umpires and marshals for your time today. Please
   continue to ensure marshals are briefed ahead of turning up.


   - Darwin M1 - Illegal practice start - £40
   - Downing W2 - Overshooting marshalling - Bring a sat nav tomorrow
   - Clare Hall M1 - Late holding it up - £30
   - Clare Hall M1 - Early Celebration - £20
   - Corpus Christi M1 - Public Urination - £75
   - Corpus Christi M1 - Public Urination (in addition to the above) - £75
   - Corpus Christi M2 - Public Urination - £75
   - Emmanuel - No marshal supplied by club (First offence) - £15
   - Emmanuel W3 - Handheld Filming - £30
   - Emmanuel M2 - Excessive Bank party - £30
   - Jesus W2 - Handheld Filming - £30
   - Kings W1 - Foul language - £30
   - Magdalene - Late to Marshalling - Warning
   - Magdalene M2 - Not following Marshal's instructions - Warning
   - Magdalene W2 - Failure to row on - £45
   - Murray Edwards W1 - Dropped Bung, no advantage - £15
   - Peterhouse W2 - Rescuing a stray dog (called Lady) from the towpath -
   Commendation, and a plate of meatballs
   - Sidney M1 - Failure to follow Marshalling instructions - £20
   - Wolfson M1 - Foul and Abusive language - £50
   - Wolfson M1 - Failure to Hold it up - £45

Fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dr Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (
seniortreasurer at cucbc.org) within 48 hours of this email being sent.

Best wishes,
CUCBC Committee

Cat Darsley (she/her)
CUCBC Hon Sec 2022-2023
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