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Luke Pattison luke at cucbc.org
Thu Mar 3 23:17:57 GMT 2022

Dear all,

The results of today’s races are available here: www.cucbc.org/lents <http://www.cucbc.org/lents>.

Notes from the Umpires

Firstly thanks to all crews for following marshalling rules and instructions allowing divisions to start on time, please keep this up - from tomorrow there are more divisions racing each day and we want to keep things to time. 
A reminder that bumped crews must continue rowing until they are clear of the crew that bumped them; you put your own cox at risk by collapsing or stopping.
A reminder to all in divisions M4 and W4, and crews that bump out during divisions W3, M3, W2, M2 and W1, you must stop at the railway bridge after your division to allow the next division to push off. You should wait and only return to your boathouse after being instructed to do so by an Umpire.

Caius M1 – Using handheld device to film racing (second offence) - £45
Caius M2 – Illegal practice start (second offence) - £30 - Any further such offence will result in the crew not being allowed to race that day.
Corpus W1 – Bank party ignoring Umpires instructions; reckless behaviour - £75
Emma M3 – Failing to stop on the long reach after racing to allow the next division to row up to the start; ignoring Umpire’s instructions - £30
Homerton M2 – Unsporting behaviour (shouting at crew in front to concede before a bump had occurred or been called) - £30
King’s - Failure to provide a marshal - £15
King’s M1 – Forgot bung (no advantage) - £15
King’s M1 – Stopping immediately after finish; slow to react to Umpire’s instruction to clear finish - £30
LMBC M2 – Foul language from crew - £30
Magdalene - Marshal late to marshalling - £10
Magdalene M1 - Foul language from bank party - £30
Newnham W1 – Excessive bank party - £30
Queens’ M1 – Excessive bank party - £30
Selwyn M1 – Fishing a large log out of the river – Thank you!
Selwyn M3 – Failure to clear - £30
Sidney M2 – Slow to hold it up upon bumping; early celebration - £30
Wolfson M2 – Failure to concede - £30
Fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dr Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org <mailto:seniortreasurer at cucbc.org>) within 48 hours of this email being sent.

Good luck to all those racing tomorrow,

CUCBC Executive Committee
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