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Thu Feb 17 23:08:37 GMT 2022

The flag is Yellow.

Boating is restricted to University crews, first VIIIs and tub pairs. During Lent Term, any VIIIs in the first or second division of the Lent Bumps may boat. During Easter Term, any VIIIs in the first or second division of the May Bumps may boat. Members of crews permitted to boat under a Yellow Flag may do so in fours or small boats (i.e. single and double sculls and pairs) with the express permission of the Club Captain and/or Boatman.

Outlook: Forecast for tomorrow is fairly apocalyptic. Gusts are into the 40s by lighting down and will get significantly worse over the duration of an outing.

Expect the flag to go red/yellow and then red over the course of the morning (including potentially before lighting down). Crews, coxes and coaches should make an assessment of the conditions before boating. Just because the flag says you may go out does not mean it will be productive or safe for every crew.

The CUCBC Committee

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