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Dear all,

Please find the attached message from CUCBC. It went round the captains
list a few minutes ago, but is being copied here to get a wider

Very best wishes to all in this difficult time,


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Subject: CUCBC statement: SBR CANCELLED and other matters.
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Dear friends,

I regret to have to let you know the following, taken in the light of
advice from the University and BR and the government:

- The Small Boat Regatta is cancelled - refunds will be arranged for those
who have entered, in due course.

- The Easter term captains' meetings will not be held.

- We have not yet been instructed directly to cancel large events, but we
will monitor evolving government, BR and University advice over the coming
weeks and update you when we have a clearer picture as to the Mays.

You will probably have received information via your Colleges about the
overall  emergency planning in the University, which it is not my business
to repeat here, but the CUCBC aims to follow this advice closely, and to be
consistent with it: one statement is at     https://www.cam.ac.uk/

We would like to stress that we're all volunteers and none of us are
experts in public health. Clubs must continue to exercise their own
judgement and common sense. However, with that said, we have the following

1) Our interpretation of the statement by the Prime Minister yesterday
evening (specifically that 'now is the time for everyone to stop
non-essential contact with others') is that we would discourage crew
outings at the moment.

We have also noted the British Rowing guidance issued prior to the
government statement, which can be found at
all BR events are suspended until at least the end of April.

2) There are a few races scheduled in the coming weeks organised by CRA
clubs. They will each make their own assessment of whether it is
appropriate to postpone or cancel - at the present time the decision as to
whether or not to enter is left to individual crews. We understand from
informal contacts that many of these races will not run.

We will be in touch as and when we have more to say, in the meantime please
do what you can to look after yourselves.

With all best wishes,

David Munday.

Dr David Munday,
Chairman, Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs

Dr David Munday,
Chairman, Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs
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