[CUCBC Contacts] Rowing Blazers - Official Supplier to Leander Club, Oxford Brookes, etc.

Joe Guppy joe at rowingblazers.com
Fri Mar 2 22:31:50 GMT 2018

Hi all -- Shame about Lents, but hope that everyone has a great club dinner
all the same!

I'm writing to tell you about Rowing Blazers (Ltd).  We're the current
blazer supplier to Leander Club, Oxford Brookes University Boat Club,
Imperial College Boat Club, Newcastle University Boat Club, Durham
University Boat Club, the U.S. team, the Deutschlandachter (the German
VIII), CURUFC, LMBC, and many more.
All of our blazers are hand tailored using the most traditional techniques
in men's and women's versions, and we use only the best fabrics from
Yorkshire mills.

We're a company founded and run by former and current rowers, so we know
how important the blazer is.  We have several fabric options and price
points and will be able to work out a price that works for you and your

We're also obsessed with perfection and detail.  So we will match your
exact color; get the width of your grosgrain trim exactly right; and go the
extra mile to render your pocket badge in hand-embroidered bullion wire
thread, or make bespoke brass buttons emblazoned with your emblem.

We'll be in Cambridge measuring up clubs from Tuesday, 4th March, onwards.
Please contact me to sort out a time for your fitting.  We'll also have a
wide range of blazers on hand for you to try in order to see our quality
and ensure a perfect fit.  Here's my contact info:

Phone: 07791945988
E-mail: joe at rowingblazers.com

Please also check out our site <http://www.rowingblazers.com/> and our
instagram <http://www.instagram.com/rowingblazers>.  Looking forward to
hearing from you!

[image: Inline image 2]
[image: Inline image 3] <http://www.rowingblazers.com/>

Joe Guppy
Web: rowingblazers.com
Instagram: @rowingblazers <http://www.instagram.com/rowingblazers>
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