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Hi all,


An anonymous hero has made a facebook event for co-ordinated efforts at 5pm today and then tomorrow morning. Possibly worth inviting all club members to this to allow everything to be organised centrally?






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Dear Connor (and all),


THBC are willing to muck in to help clear the towpath. 


Can CUCBC divide up the towpath between all who are willing? We are also happy to help with the logistics of getting grit to the P&E.


All the best,

Matt Gutteridge

THBC Men's Captain


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Dear all,


The Cambridgeshire County Council Highways division have given permission for independent gritting of the towpath. Unfortunately the CUCBC committees do not have the person power to get anywhere near to achieving this, but we would be happy for colleges to have a go if they can. Please note however that this is not a guarantee that gritting the towpath will guarantee we can run races; the salt may not clear the towpath sufficiently, further snow and/or ice could cover it up and make it unsafe again, the river could freeze, or the air temperature / wind chill could be so cold we can't risk people sitting around stationary, etc. - you get the idea; it's not a guarantee, but it would certainly help improve the odds.


If you do wish to help, rock salt can be purchased from many of the builders merchants in and around Cambridge. Please keep your own well-being in mind, and ensure you have suitable footwear to stay upright and sufficient clothing and hot drinks etc. to keep warm. Under no circumstances should anyone be pressured into going down onto the towpath if they do not willingly volunteer. Please also take note of the instructions at the links below; gritting will be far more effective if the compacted snow and ice can be cleared from the towpath before spreading the salt.


Advice from Cambridge County Council: https://ccc-live.storage.googleapis.com/upload/www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/residents/travel-roads-and-parking/Community%20Gritting%20Training%20Pack%202017-18%20updated.pdf?inline=true


Advice from Department for Transport: https://www.gov.uk/clear-snow-road-path-cycleway


Best wishes,


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