[CUCBC Contacts] Lent Bumps 2018 Tuesday Results and Notes & Fines

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Tue Feb 27 22:21:35 GMT 2018

Dear all

Thanks to everyone for a great first day of racing and we hope you didn’t get too cold!

Today's results can be found here: http://www.cucbc.org/lents <http://www.cucbc.org/lents>
Notes from the Umpires

Tomorrow is forecast to be even colder than today, please bring lots of kit to keep warm!
Know where your finish is. In particular M4/W4 should not be racing after the railway bridge.
Crews should remember that they should not expect there to be an umpire at the finish telling them when to wind it down unless they are genuinely close to making or being bumped.
All coxes are reminded that lifejackets MUST be outside your outermost layer. They will not do you any good if they auto-inflate under a coat; and quite possibly make it very difficult to swim.
A reminder to all cyclists (bank parties, umpires and otherwise) that commuters use the towpath as well - please be wary of them, particularly in the last division of the day.

Caius M4 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
Caius M2 - Public urination - £85
Churchill M2 - Rowing back after the division to fetch dropped blade - Extra bank pass available for suitably trained large dog to fetch next time
Clare Hall M1 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
Corpus Christi W1 - Foul language - warning; not acceptable even when directed at your own crew
Corpus Christi W1 - Incompetent marshalling - £20
Darwin W2 - Forgot bung, no advantage - £15
Darwin W1 - Pulling into station facing the lock - Back it down for Thursday's race.
First and Third M3 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
Hughes Hall W1 - Excessive greenery - Plant sufficient trees to restore balance to the planet
Jesus W3 - Failure to clear - £30
Jesus M3 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
King's M2 - Leaving a snapped blade floating in the river for the umpires to play hook-a-duck with - Provide further games for the umpires after each day's racing
Lady Margaret W3 - Cox's early celebration - £20
Lady Margaret W3 - Cox's failure to instruct crew to hold it up - £20
Lucy Cavendish W2 - No lifejacket - £50
Lucy Cavendish W2 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
Murray Edwards W2 - Singing in boat - prepare an opera for Saturday's race
Selwyn W1 - Failure to row into a stationary crew - cox to come and claim a chocolate-based prize from control
Trinity Hall W2 - Celebrating before clearing - £30
Wolfson M1 - Illegal practice start - £50
All fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org), within 48 hours of this email being sent.

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