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Dear All,

This is probably the last email you receive from me before the Regatta,
so please read carefully:

The draw and timings are now confirmed but still subject to change if
there is a last minute scratch. The weather appears good for Saturday so
I do not expect any cancellations, but please still check @pemregatta
[1] before boating for division delays.

We have now also allocated race numbers. Race numbers must be worn as is
expected and can be collected as usual at the Pembroke Boathouse from

Winning crews will receive tankards at the Pembroke Boathouse at 18:00
prompt, please contact me for alternative arrangements.

We will aim to let all crews do one practice start under the railway
bridge at the start of their first division. Race starts further down
the reach or in other divisions will be subject to marshals' permission
and dependent on possible delays and weather.
Similarly to last year, we will be having portaloos next to the car park
by the P&E at the end of the tow path. If a racing crew wishes to use
them, we ask that they inform a marshal as soon as possible. Unless they
have a rest division, they will be asked by marshals at the finish line
to bank immediately on the tow path side (unless they lose and wish to
row home immediately).

We would provisionally also like to offer M3, W3 and MAlum category
crews racing in Division 2 (8:30am) and Division 10 (13:00) a chance to
race a second time if they lose their race. For the men's division for
example: all 8 crews will race once; everyone will spin and row back
downstream; the winning crews will race following the draw, and the
losing crews will be paired off at the marshals discretion to race only
once more. In the women's draw the same - this should give the less
experienced crews more racing practice. In the MAlum category the crews
losing races 10.3 and 10.4 will get the chance to race against each
other in Division 11 (13:30). All of this is at our discretion, and will
be dependent on division delays and weather. If you wish to opt-out,
please inform me by email before Friday. Please understand that this is
not possible for the crews which lose the races in Division 1 and
Division 9 due to odd numbers. 

Crews competing in the M1 and W1 categories are advised to bring lights.

Please read the marshalling instructions and rules. Short bursts of the
whistle by a race marshal indicate the number of warnings to crew about
straying off station, and at 3 warnings or any more significant offense
a crew will be considered for disqualification at the end of a race. A
continuous whistle is the emergency signal to stop rowing.
Should a crew gain a significant advantage (more than length), we ask
that coxes stay on station and do not take the racing line or risk

Most crews will be asked to marshal at Chesterton and then the Plough
Reach, but if a crew arrives early/on-time to their first division or
has a rest division (after the first race in some categories) they may
be asked to marshal at the Railway Bridge. During the race they must
pull in or bury their blades to not impede racing crews.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you have any questions, and
stay up to date on the day of the regatta @pemregatta [1] or on the
regatta website [2] and facebook page [3]. We will aim to update results
live on the website on the day. 

Best wishes 


Štefan Stanko
PCBC Regatta Sec 2017-18 
Tel: 07599487610
regattasec at pembrokecollegeboatclub.com


[1] https://twitter.com/pemregatta
[2] http://regatta.pembrokecollegeboatclub.com/home.php
[3] https://www.facebook.com/events/130568707751216/
[4] http://pembrokecollegeboatclub.com/
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