[CUCBC Contacts] Hiring a shell for Henley Royal.

michael at rawsons.uk michael at rawsons.uk
Mon Apr 23 09:23:30 BST 2018

Dear captains/club management,


Manchester University BC is looking to hire a men's VIII+ for Henley Royal
Regatta, and we think you might be interested. In particular:


*	Collection after Reading amateur regatta (weekend of 17th June: so
after bumps!)
*	Return some time after Henley
*	Can arrange collection from Cambridge
*	We'd like a relatively nice boat: our current first VIII+ is over a
decade old and a little "well-used" so we're not too fussy, but obviously
we're also not looking to pay money for a rustbucket. 85kg crew average so
anything in that ballpark is fine.
*	Compensation is negotiable depending on what you're offering. Get in
*	Reply directly if interested or find me on Facebook if you prefer.


I happen to know that most of you will have multiple (often very nice
indeed!) shells sat in your boathouses all summer after the bumps, so this
could be some nice "free money" for your club. Hope to hear from all of you.


Michael Rawson


PS Best of luck in the bumps. Especially Robinson - yeah 'binson!

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