[CUCBC Contacts] Invitation 42nd Parthenon-EY Ringvaart Regatta

Parthenon-EY Ringvaart Regatta ringvaartregatta at laga.nl
Mon Feb 13 10:43:46 GMT 2017

Dear all,

Looking ahead to WEHoRR, Tim Rhodes (the boatman for Sidney, Corpus, 
Girton, and Wolfson) has asked me to let other clubs know that he'll 
have space for two more VIIIs on his trailer. So if anyone is hoping to 
take their crew to WEHoRR but has yet to find a trailer or boating 
location, please get in touch. You can reach him at 01223 328531.

Best wishes,

Claire Burridge
SSBC Women's Captain, 2016-17

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