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Fri Nov 11 06:31:06 GMT 2016

Dear coxes,

Do you suffer from cold hands when coxing? Would you like to find out 
why and potentially prevent getting cold hands?

If so, please contact me, Stephanie Payne (sp627 at cam.ac.uk), and take 
part in my scientific research specifically looking at how coxing may 
affect our circulation and dexterity. In return for your participation, 
you will receive a free pair of hand warmers, complimentary chocolate, 
and a chance to win a pair of waterproof SealSkin gloves!

The research looks at how hand coordination changes with brief exposure 
to cold. You will carry out a brief coordination test before and after 
immersing your hands in cold water for 3 minutes. You will also have a 
3D body scan and have body composition measured, which is really useful 
data for any cox/athlete. The study will take no longer than an hour, 
you only need to attend once, and the study is being held from November 
2016 - February 2017.

Please let me know if you interested in participating.

Kind regards,

Stephanie Payne
PhD Candidate, Biological Anthropology
Phenotypic Adaptability, Variation and Evolution (PAVE) Research Group

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