[CUCBC Contacts] Cambridge Nines regatta

Ian Farrell eyefarrell at icloud.com
Sun May 22 14:36:08 BST 2016

Dear all,

The start order for the Mays 2016 has been published; you should be able to view it here: http://www.cucbc.org/bumps/startorder/16

Based on the numbers of entries, the Senior Committee have decided to modify the split of men/women's crews slightly to 5 divisions of men and 4 divisions of women. The start order includes the list of crews required to Get On.

Any scratches should be directed to committee at cucbc.org such that we can update the start order and place crews back on. Similarly, if any crews need to switch to racing time only in the GoR, please also drop us an email.

Best of luck in exams and training,


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