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Dear all,

Just a reminder about the Second Trinity Challenge Sculls next week. The
deadline for entries is Midnight ending tomorrow (6th). Apologies that this
wasn’t in the original email.

All the Best,

Jonathan Williams

Secretary 2015-16

First and Third Trinity Boat Club

Trinity College

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Subject: Second Trinity Challenge Sculls 2016


First and Third Trinity Boat Club will be running Second Trinity Challenge
Sculls (STCS) on Tuesday 8th March from 2pm. Entries are now open

The event is a 2600m upstream head race from Little Bridge to Peter's Posts
and will consist of a single division. The categories are:

M1x (fine), M1x (restricted), W1x (fine), W1x (restricted), M2x, W2x, Mixed
2x, M2-, W2-

Restricted class singles are the wider, more stable sort of boats one would
expect to see novices and beginner scullers using. If you are in any doubt,
please do get in touch and we can clarify for you. Tankards will be
presented to the winners of events with 3+ entries. Entry is £8 per seat.


Entries can be made via the link below:




If you have any questions, please let me know (stcs at firstandthird.org
<mailto:stcs at firstandthird.org> ).


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