[CUCBC Contacts] Reminder: Robinson Head 2016 - Entries are Open

Hugh Burton hb407 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Jan 31 14:02:51 GMT 2016

Dear All,

Those of you competing in Newnham Head will no doubt be aware of the 
current weather forecast, in particular the high wind speed.

We very much hope that the event will be able to run as planned, but 
please keep a close eye on your emails for any updates either directly 
from NCBC or via the CUCBC flag status emails.

In general we are able to maintain a green flag in worse conditions on 
race days because of the highly controlled traffic circulation and 
relatively low density of crews compared to a busy early morning 
session. However, this does not mean that we will simply 'hope for the 
best' if we believe conditions to be hazardous.

As ever, the final responsibility for deciding whether or not to boat 
rests with the each crew/coach. A green flag simply allows you to make 
that choice, and if you believe that you are not competent to deal with 
the conditions as you find them then you should not boat.


Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Advisor

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