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Wilfried Genest wilfried at cucbc.org
Wed Sep 30 13:04:40 BST 2015

Dear Captains,

Apologies for this long email. Please makes sure that you read over all the
points below and take appropriate actions if required.


1) If you are a 2014-2015 captain and you are receiving this email then
please ensure that you have set up your club's CUCBC email accounts
correctly so that the incoming 2015-2016 captain taking over from you also
receives emails sent to the CUCBC captains' list. If you are not sure
whether or not your current club's captains are receiving this email, then
please forward it to them.

You can log on your club's CUCBC email account by clicking on the "webmail"
tab on the top left of the CUCBC website.

2) Please ensure that your club's information are up to date on the CUCBC
website. Go to "User login" on the right hand side column of the CUCBC
website to check this.

IMPORTANTLY - Please check that your insurance policy is up to date. If it
isn't, please liaise with your college and get it renewed ASAP. You CANNOT
boat without proper third-party insurance.

3) The next captains' meeting will be on Tuesday 6 October, from 18:00 to
19:00 in the Lightfoot room (School of Divinity, St John's College). This
meeting is for captains/co-captains/overall captains/etc. Please do not
rock up with your whole committee. The room ain't big enough for that.

The provisional agenda for this meeting is:
- Accept minutes of previous meeting (on CUCBC website)
- Election of CUCBC committees (see point 4 below)
- CUCBC accounts (to be circulated)
- College bills handed-out (to be circulated at the meeting - warn your
Junior Treasurer)
- Reminder of rules
- Vote on Lent Bumps date due to potential clash with WEHORR (see previous
- Any other business (please let me know in advance)

4) MOST IMPORTANTLY - as enthused as you probably all are by my prose, my
term as CUCBC Hon. Sec. is sadly coming to an end. We need volunteers to
form the 2015-2016 CUCBC Executive Committee (including someone to act as
Hon. Sec.) Can you please let people in your club know. Anyone who is
interested in being part of CUCBC should get in touch with me (ideally
before Tuesday).

To highlight the importance of this, please not that Uni IVs taking place
at the end of this month is contingent on a new committee being elected


Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Best regards,
        Wilf. Genest
        LMBC Hon. Sec. 2014-2016
        CUCBC Hon. Sec. 2014-2015
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