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> From: Wilfried Genest <wilfried at cucbc.org>
> Subject: 15 minutes rule reminder
> Date: 25 January 2015 18:27:13 GMT
> To: captains at lists.cucbc.org, seniorcommittee <seniorcommittee at cucbc.org>, committee <committee at cucbc.org>
> Dear captains,
> I would like to clarify that only 1st VIIIs (not IVs) may boat in the first 15 minutes after lighting down. 
> I would also like to clarify that the 2 boat rule (which will be implemented as of Wednesday) does NOT replace the 15 minutes rule. Both will be applied together (to reduce traffic).
> Best regards,
>     Wilf. Genest
>     CUCBC Hon. Sec. 

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