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Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Sun Nov 23 21:36:20 GMT 2014

Dear all,

Murray Edwards College Boat Club are hoping to trailer a boat up to college for our Fairbairns Dinner on the 5th and then return it on the 6th Dec. We currently have an experienced trailer driver with an appropriate car and a tow bar (he's the dad of one of our rowers) who is willing to drive up to college and back, however we do not have a trailer. 

We therefore require to hire a trailer for this purpose - we would be using it on the afternoon of the 5th December, would bring it back and then pick it up again to use on the 6th. We would of course take out appropriate insurance and pay whatever fee would be necessary.

If you would prefer to drive your own trailer with the boat on it we would also be happy with this situation and would cover the necessary cost.

Please reply to boatclub-captain at murrayedwards.cam.ac.uk as soon as possible if you can help us out. 

Thanks and best wishes,

Christina Larkin
Murray Edwards College Boat Club
Captain of Club 2014/2015

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